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We offer several animation video options. Deferring from Basic Animation, Advanced Animation and Premium Animation. In the way we have a solutions for every matter, whether you’re a big or small company or whatever purpose your video has to serve (either internal or external). The main difference between the packages is the level of movement, detail and customization.

Surely all our videos are designed according to the brand identity of our clients. But in the Premium Package we add for example more move moment and customization compared to our Basic Package. If you are in need of more information regarding our packages, please check the information below or feel free to contact us!



€ 950,-

Duration | 60 seconds
Delivery time | 1 week*
After 1 minute | € 50,- per 5 sec.

  • Fixed design
  • Basic characters
  • Fast delivery

*After approval storyboard


€ 2.995,-

Duration | 60 seconds
Delivery time | 2 weeks*
After 1 minute | € 100,- per 5 sec.

  • Advanced animation
  • Advanced characters
  • Custom assets

*After approval storyboard


€ 4.995,-

Duration | 60 seconds
Delivery time | 4 weeks*
After 1 minute | € 250,- per 5 sec.

  • Custom design
  • Custom character design
  • Custom sound design
  • Creative brainstorm sessions

*After approval storyboard

Why we offer several packages?

You’re maybe wondering what the differences are between our packages. So let me try to explain. The main difference between the packages is the level of movement, -detail and -customization. These elements strongly influence the production time and thus the price of our animation videos.

That’s why we can offer Basic Animations for a relatively low price, because there is less level of movement involved and we reproduce some of the animation elements we used before. The Advanced Animations are 100% custom designs and include way more movement compared to the basic segment, this results in a more dynamic video. The Advanced Animations are our most populair product. Within the Premium Segment we add more detail compared to the Advanced Segment, we add for example more facial expression to characters.

In essence we advice to pick a package based on purpose, target group and your planning. I you need any help in deciding which packages suits you best, please feel free to contact us!

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